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Throughout the years, the internet has become more accessible not just for the individuals who work online, but also for a regular person that uses the internet simply for leisure and entertainment. This online phenomenon contributed to several internet-based activities such as live content creation, or in other words, online streaming.

As this trend continues to grow, many organizations, businesses, schools, and even churches have jumped in on this new way of reaching their audiences on a positive note. Particularly, with the current situation of the world pandemic, the churches transition from in-house to online services. 

Amazingly, live streaming in churches has become tremendously helpful in ways of expansion and discipleship. Despite meeting virtually, the impact and influence of these churches are in an uproar.


The Importance of Online Streaming

The evolution of entertainment and technology is fascinating. And one of the most popular means in the online world is streaming since TV subscription is less preferred these days.

The authenticity that online streaming serves to its audience makes a broader interaction and engagement. Additionally, the potential reach of viewers and target listeners is only done with one click away. The real-time connection creates a  genuine relationship that attracts dedicated spectators we less expect in a traditional viewing.


Church Online Streaming Graphics

When you think of “why have church online streaming graphics?”. I say, “why NOT have church online streaming graphics?”

The list of reasons goes way too long for that. Because as Christians, we don’t just deliver good in our presentation but bring out the best for God’s kingdom. 

Done mainly by the media team, graphics streaming is the best way to transition before going live online. Because of the soaring demand for live streaming, we have created high-quality templates in different designs you can choose for your next or upcoming launch live streams.


Graphics 1

The design is composed of a dark background with accents of shapes and pieces of book pages. The font colors chosen are red and white for the intention of simplicity and boldness. This graphic is an attractive template to use in your church live streaming.

church online streaming graphics


Graphics 2

The template is the best fit for the young generation. The colors pop out for a much youthful and fresh segment. 

Bright colors represent fun and lively characters that suit teenagers and adolescents as your target audience. Choose this if you think this design is for you.

church online streaming graphics


Graphics 3

If you’re searching for a solid graphic design, this really should be it. The cleanliness of the high-quality background blends in with the basic fonts and emphasizes the direct setup.

church online streaming graphics


Graphics 4

The attractiveness of this design gives you a feminine vibe. If your ministry is to disciple mature women and young women, this is a great design to advertise your live stream. The build-up of the background and all its composition instills a character of womanhood.

church online streaming graphics


Graphics 5

Don’t take forever to search for a perfect design. This template is impressive with its dazzling red, white, and black as its primary colors. This custom-made online streaming graphic is the one for your church to use.

church online streaming graphics


Graphics 6

When you’re searching for a design with more characters in it, make this your number one choice. The modern design adds up excitement to the whole presentation.

church online streaming graphics


Graphics 7

From the variety of templates so far, this is the most relatable. Because of the serenity of the background, people can feel a connection toward your live stream. The design makes the audience comfortable in some way.

church online streaming graphics


Graphics 8

Vibrancy is a good choice for catching your audience with graphics. With this design, you can attach positivity to the mind of your listeners and viewers because they are initially presented with a bright and vivid graphic presentation ahead of time.

church online streaming graphics


Graphics 9

A fresh and new design added up with some simple other characters in the whole presentation. If you want to be playful in your church graphic stream, this is best suited to your liking.

church online streaming graphics


Graphics 10

Jumpstart your streaming with this refreshing design. The diversity in this design reflects a character of optimism. It can be a good diversion for formidable church content streaming for all audiences.


Graphics 11

This design is ideal if you want to match your streaming graphic to a particular topic. This template portrays a more formal and well-constructed. The simplicity makes it appealing to all ages of the target audience.


Graphics 12

This design looks inventive and proactive. With its jolly background and different elements coincide together, it attracts the audience to an exciting feeling. This makes a good invitation for a church online streaming.


Graphics 13

Have this cheerful design for your Youtube streaming! It is composed of elements like shapes, lines, and the right amount of spaces on design make it a perfect graphic to present online.


Graphics 14

Your live streaming can be more inviting with this streaming graphic template! The colors and elements are matching a vibe of fun and exciting expectation for the upcoming service.


Graphics 15

It’s an accomplishment when we present the best and appropriate graphic to the right audience. In the media team, initially creating the mood helps the whole presentation of the service. This particular design is a plus and the best choice for your church.


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Grab Your Free Church Online Streaming Graphics Bundle!