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According to the National Center of Charitable Statistics (NCCS), there are more than 1,570,000 registered nonprofits in the United States alone. There is certainly no shortage of tax-exempt organizations for you to consider supporting when making your next donation. But with so many options, you want to be certain that you’re supporting an organization you can actually trust. As a Christian donor, it’s in your best interest to be well-informed of the most trusted Christian nonprofits you can give to financially.

MinistryVoice believes that all of God’s people are called to be good stewards of the resources that He’s entrusted to us. We believe that donors should be able to fully trust Christian nonprofits to use donated funds to advance the Kingdom of Jesus effectively and with integrity. This inspired us to create the Most Trusted Nonprofit Award to reward Christian nonprofits that have proven to be exceptionally trustworthy. We sought out Christ-centered organizations that have jumped through hurdles and gone above and beyond to earn the trust of their supporters. We looked for the cream of the crop: nonprofits focused on the mission that God has given them first and the trust of their donors second.

After hours of combing through financial audits, vision statements and overall ministry fruitfulness we came up with what we believe is the most thorough criteria for Christian nonprofits in existence today. The Most Trusted Nonprofit Award is based on research laid out by 10 nonprofit oversight organizations and supplemented by unbiased nonprofit consultants who led us to a list of ministries who are above reproach. Every nonprofit on this list meets hundreds of unique performance and efficiency metrics, analyzing every aspect of a nonprofit’s operations, financial accountability, transparency, mission, employment practices, public opinion and more.

Out of the thousands of eligible nonprofits we examined, only 72 are qualified to be on our list. We are honored to present the Most Trusted Nonprofit Award to each of these nonprofits. We’re not condemning nonprofits that did not make this list. Our objective is simply to recognize all of the hard work and paperwork each of these trusted nonprofits went through. We’re not giving each nonprofit that did not make this list a mediocre rating; we’re just giving the nonprofits that did make the list 5 stars! They have attained a standard of excellence that every Christian nonprofit should continually strive towards.

With this explanation behind us, below is our list of the most trusted Christian nonprofits.

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