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Kids all around the world, no matter their race or ethnicity, have one thing in common –– and that is none other than having a short attention span. That is why most Pastors, Church staff, and volunteers around the globe, are always looking for ways to keep kids engaged during the worship service.

While there are lots of other ways to help kids become more engaged during the worship service, one of the most effective methods is to let them write notes in a fun manner. Because as I have said before, kids generally have the shortest attention span compared to full-grown adults. That is why if you allow them to write notes in a fun way, they’ll find joy in what they do while subconsciously giving more attention to the worship service.


Why It’s Important for Kids to Start Taking Notes at a Young Age

According to research, students who take notes by hand learn more than those who do not. This is because when children only rely on what they hear from a sermon, they tend to forget the information right away. 

Why? Because there are different ways to learn about something. Generally speaking, there are four types of learning styles: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Reading/Writing learners. When we combine these types of learning styles, we can improve a children’s learning ability and capacity.

Not only that! When kids take down notes, it keeps their minds alert. If they are alert throughout the sermon, they can avoid feelings of drowsiness or distraction. It also helps children improve their ability to organize information. Determining the main points and the sub-points of a topic and organizing them increase their analytical skills.

Overall, taking down notes improves the child’s potential to learn both short-term and even long-term.


Sermon Note Sheets for Kids

We at MinistryVoice prepared a lot of free printable sermon note sheets for kids that they can use in writing their learnings or drawings while listening to God’s Word. These sermon note sheets are handy for any kids who can write. From kindergartners, all the way up to grade 12, these sermon note sheets for kids will surely come in handy whenever you need the kids to put more emotion and interest in the worship service.


Sheet 1

This sheet uses different kinds of paper types to separate and organize the different topics and parts of a sermon. The design adds cute animals on the pages to attract the kids’ attention to take down notes.


Sheet 2

This second sheet is similar to the previous one in using different kinds of paper types. But, this one has a different header and a different organization. It has an added box to fill out the title of the message and another one to write the words they did not know.


Sheet 3

This next sheet has a wooden frame background. Compared to the previous ones, it has a bigger box for children to write down the word they heard but did not know. It also has a bigger font and box for the main passage. This helps children to spot and memorize the passage right away.


Sheet 4

This note sheet gives more emphasis on writing the things they learned. It highlights that box by using stars in the design. Also, this sheet has an application and reflection part. In this way, the child can continue to learn and reflect even after the service.

note sheets for kids


Sheet 5

This sheet gives more emphasis to the visual side of a child’s learning ability by adding a bigger space for drawing. This helps children avoid feelings of drowsiness and adds more fun to learning. It also has an application part where they can reflect on what they have learned.

note sheets for kids


Sheet 6

This next sheet has more words and smaller font styles. It also has more boxes to write notes into. This is more suitable for older kids who can read and write longer sentences and does not have to see lots of pictures to keep their attention. 

note sheets for kids


Sheet 7

This sheet has a lot of boxes kids can add information to. It has more emphasis on what a kid has learned from the sermon by giving it a bigger space and putting it on top of the sheet. This sheet also has a lot of cute cliparts to keep the kids’ interest alive.

note sheets for kids


Sheet 8

This next note sheet has more description and text provided for each box. This is appropriate for kids who are old enough to read more and write more. This sheet keeps their attention by using a livelier font and background.

note sheets for kids


Sheet 9

This sheet has fewer boxes to write information into. But, it has bigger drawings and livelier fonts. This is more suitable for younger children who need more help in keeping their attention to the sermon.

note sheets for kids


Sheet 10

Just like the previous one, this sheet also uses bigger boxes and bigger illustrations. But instead of using different kinds of pages, this one uses different kinds of shapes to separate the different parts of the sheet.

note sheets for kids


Sheet 11

This sheet has a uniform way of separating the topics. But this sheet creates more fun for the kids by adding a bigger space for them to draw. It also promotes learning by adding a bigger space for the words they do not know.

note sheets for kids


Sheet 12

This last sheet places more emphasis on the passage and the message of the sermon. It did not add lots of fun stuff to write on, but it has a lot of questions to facilitate the kids’ reflection on what they have heard and understood.

note sheets for kids


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Grab Your Free Sermon Notes for Kids Bundle!